Team AgriBox

Presentation of the participants of the TUM DeSal Challenge 2016

Team leader:
Desalination technology: Greenhouse humidification-dehumidification powered by solar thermal energy and photovoltaics
The purpose of the proposed system is two-tier. The main goal is to provide the daily water requirement for a four person household. Additionally, the AgriBox will provide water requirements for 6 m2 of crops which the family can consume or sell. Based on these requirements the target output for the system is 50 l/d.

This standard HDD system is composed of a humidifier, condenser, parabolic trough concentrator, and a solar powered pump.

The greenhouse provides an efficient crop growing environment that also reduces the amount of water required per unit output. The HDD system helps to maintain a suitable temperature inside the greenhouse. Furthermore, the greenhouse will collect any additional condensate on the walls and roof.
Institution: Technische Universität München
Ranking at the TUM DeSal Challenge 2016: 3