Team Alavi

Presentation of the participants of the TUM DeSal Challenge 2016

Team leader:
Desalination technology: Ultra sonic evaporation powered by photovoltaics
Our team supervisor, Dr. Ali Shahnazari, is associate professor of Department of Water Engineering and works on deficit irrigation and the use of saline water. Raheb Mahforouzi is a Ph.D. student of irrigation and drainage, and studies the reuse of drainage water, runoff and wastewater relying on the host reservoirs bioremediation abilities. Keyghobad Rostami Rigcheshme and Shaghayegh Emamdoust are first year M.Sc. students, in the fields of irrigation and drainage, and water resources engineering, respectively. Pouneh Fard is graduate student of food industry engineering. All team members are from Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University, IR Iran.

We live with this problem and deeply familiar with it. Caspi Desalion is of simple structure and its operation and maintenance requires low skilled labor. It is made from ordinary cheap materials. Due to use of solar powered ultrasonic low temperature evaporator, system‘s total energy consumption is low. So electrical energy can be store during the day to run the Caspi Desalion plant after sunset. Ordinary cheap materials and low energy consuming would result to low cost desalination.
Institution: Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University
Ranking at the TUM DeSal Challenge 2016: 2