Team SolarPura

Presentation of the participants of the TUM DeSal Challenge 2016

Team leader:
Desalination technology: Humidification-dehumidification powered by solar thermal energy and biomass
We are a team of international Masters students of Sustainable Resource Management at TUM, coming from Mexico, Chile, the USA and Germany.
We share the vision of creating an affordable and simple solution to provide isolated communities in water scarce costal regions with a self-sufficient, potable water source. More specifically, we are building a humidification-dehumidification (HDH) unit that could be made out of low-cost, local resources with high availa-bility that can be integrated into households and community kitchens, ensuring safe water supply to those in need.
The unique characteristic of our plant is the composition of the energy input, using both solar energy and waste heat from domestic wood-burning stoves, commonly used for cooking in rural areas. The aim is to develop a system that is easy to build, simple to maintain and provides high quality, low-cost potable water.
Institution: Technische Universität München
Ranking at the TUM DeSal Challenge 2016: 4

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