The jury

The members of the jury of the 2016 TUM DeSal Challenge are:


Claus Mertes

Deutsche MeerwasserEntsalzung e.V.

Claus Mertes is Managing Director of DME GmbH and a member of the technical/scientific committee of DME e. V. (German Seawater Desalination Association) where he is responsible for the evaluation of technical R&D plans, among other things. He is also a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen.


Dr. Markus Forstmeier


Markus Forstmeier is responsible for the development of the business at Electrochaea. He has been active in the areas of water treatment and renewable energy for more than 15 years in various capacities.


Prof. Dr. Oliver Mayer

General Electric Global Research

Oliver Mayer is Principal Scientist at General Electric Global Research. He is responsible for research activities in the field of distributed energy systems and applications at the company's research centre in Garching, Germany. Mr. Mayer has more than 20 years of experience in solar technology, systems technology and solar water treatment.


Dr. Joachim Koschikowski

Fraunhofer Institut für Solare Energiesysteme

Joachim Koschikowski is head of the Water Treatment and Separation group at Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE). He has been active in the field of solar desalination since 1999 with a focus on the development, design and simulation of membrane distillation (MD) systems. He is involved in several national and international research projects on solar-driven desalination.


Dr. Paul Schausberger


Paul Schausberger is technical manager at UNIHA in Linz, Austria. UNIHA is an EPC contractor for water treatment plants focusing on the production of potable water.


Dr. Bruno Schiebelsberger

Solarenergieförderverein Bayern e.V.

Bruno Schiebelsberger is CEO of the Solarenergieförderverein Bayern (Bavarian Association for the Promotion of Solar Energy). He was responsible for several projects related to the development of renewable energies at E.ON Bayern. Dr. Schiebelsberger is involved in additional solar energy competitions.

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