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Deutsche Meerwasserentsalzung e. V. KSB Stiftung Solarenergieförderverein Bayern e. V.
DME e. V. KSB SeV Bayern

Founded as non-profit organization in 2003, DME Deutsche Meerwasserentsalzung e. V. represents the central platform for industry, science and politics on the subject of seawater desalination in Germany.

The aim of the DME e. V. is to specially support the German industry and further its international standing. By means of its various committees the technical knowhow can be deepend and bundled. Via its international advisory committee, DME e. V. has a worldwide competence network in the desalination industry.

Since the very beginning, DME e. V. supports the TUM DeSal Challenge.

Non-profit promotion

- of natural sciences including those technical sciences, which serve the pumps, compressors and fittings manufacturing, directly or indirectly.

- of school youth and training of young researchers in natural sciences, technical and economic scientific field.

The Solarenergieförderverein Bayern (Bavarian Association for the Promotion of Solar Energy) is a non-profit-organisation. The association was founded in 1997 to spend the revenues of the 1 MW PV plant Solar roof Munich-Riem at the Munich Trade Fair Centre for the promotion of renewable energies.

The SeV Bayern supports the TUM DeSal Challenge from the beginning.

Main objective of all its activities is the promotion of climate and environmental protection.

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