TUM DeSal Challenge

according to friends and participants

Dr. Jim Birkett 
Dr. Jim Birkett
first elected president of the International Desalination Association, IDA Lifetime Achievement Award

 I have great faith in the TUM Challenge as means of drawing youth into a better understanding of both the importance of desalination and the many challenges in its successful

Team Zyklon 
Markus Wenzel
Leader of the team Zyklon (2011) and team CIS (2009)

During my studies, the competition aroused my fascination for seawater desalination. I was given the chance to develop new ideas in a team and to gather valuable practical project experiences. Now, I am working in the desalination business.

Raphael Wagensonner 
Raphael Wagensonner
Leader of the team NanoSystems, 1st winner of TUM DeSal Challenge 2013
It‘s a sophisticated task to design, construct and run a renewable energy based desalination plant.
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The contest

The highlight of the fourth TUM DeSal Challenge will be the finals, which are planned for June 17 and 18, 2016 on the campus of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in Garching. Between 10 to 20 selected teams will present their projects to the public and an independent jury of experts from 10 am to 5 pm.

Since it's impossible to judge the viability of the plants based on a single criteria, the jury will determine the winners by judging the concepts based on six categories:

  1. Drinking water capacity and quality
  2. Cost planning
  3. Maintenance effort, ease of use and installation
  4. Degree of innovation
  5. Design and engineering
  6. Communication

(Detailed description of all categories can be found here)

Exclusion criteria are water quality (salinity level <1,000 ppm) as well as  energy self-sufficient operation based renewable energy sources. To be able to realize the plant in developing countries and to generate fair conditions for the competition, the plant must cost less than 2,000 euros.


Leaderboard: This document (.xls) shows the points achievable of the 6 categories which are weighted differently. It helps you to develop a strategy for your application. 

Leaderboard TUM DeSal Challenge 2016